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Ever dreamed of renting a villa or castle for a month and exploring all the historic area has to offer? But 1 month is too long to get away?

You don’t have time for complex research and planning? Does travel for you mean authentic cultural experiences and whimsical discoveries? When travelling, do you enjoy making new friends and sharing experiences with others? If your answers are yes, you’re in the right place!

Who is the inquisitive traveller?

Someone who is curious about cultures and their cultural and spiritual expressions from past to present.

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Maximum choice, maximum flexibility
Local and Day Trip recommendations - all the research is done for you.


Your own historic haven accommodations for 7 or 14 nights

Your Historical Haven with a Host provisions:

  • Breakfast, fresh daily from the local bakery or market
  • Local wine & market cheese 5pm -7pm daily
  • Reservations at 2 local restaurants for the entire group…
  • Local recommendations, addresses & phone numbers
  • Bicycles available (limit of 4)
  • Inquiries
What’s not included: Round trip airfare*, Airport transportation, Car rental, City Trips

*Discounted airfare can be arranged if booking for 10 people


Coming 2021 / 2022

Who hasn’t dreamed of visiting Barcelona for its whimsical architecture, exploring the incredible seaside landscapes of the Costa Brava or wandering the medieval and gothic neighbourhoods of Girona where The Game of Thrones is filmed?

Walk walled medieval villages, cycle around Roman and Greek ruins, play world class golf. Dine on tapas in towns where Picasso and Dali painted. Visit the Holy Grail (1of 7 sites worldwide that claim to have the Holy Grail) at Benedictine Abbey in the Montserrat Mountains. Take a day trip to France. A land of wild landscapes and passion, for architecture and art, fine food, wine, and flamenco, Spain is as diverse as it is beautiful. Come and explore Northeastern Spain from your own historical haven in a medieval village and for a time live locally.

France Coming in 2021

Italy Coming in 2022

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​What a fabulous event! Setting was gorgeous, networking stellar, ;) and canapes divine.

August 15th, 7:00-8:30pm

The Preferred Network Exclusive Event

Takes & Tales

October 19, 2020


Our exploration of Toledo, a city of dusty golds, caramels and honey hues perched high above the Tagus river situated in central Spain in the region of Castilla-La Mancha is crammed with site visits. No slow travel today. Romans were the first to occupy this city and build a fortress on the present day Alcazar.
September 28, 2020


“The city is a sorceress, you know Daniel. It gets under your skin and steals your soul without you knowing it”. Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Shadow of the Wind. I couldn’t agree more. A surreal arrival at Barcelona - El Prat foreshadowed the Dalian nature of this country. As we touched down, we observed no planes departing.
September 22, 2020


Pals as a lover is a gentle rocker and glider. Wide, smooth dark grey cobblestone streets grip your tread. Sensual meandering winds around gold, silver, pink-hued sandstone shops, archways, ancient houses and wrought iron balconies so charming you don’t realize you’re walking uphill.

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